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Plenary 3

Prof. Miroslav Krstic

Thursday July 4, 11:30–12:30


Prof. Miroslav Krstic
Department of Mechanical & Aero. Eng.
University of California, San Diego


Adaptive Control of Anti-stable Wave PDE Systems: Theory and Applications in Oil Drilling


Adaptive control of PDEs is a nonlinear feedback design problem for an infinite-dimensional system. The author's early work for PDEs with unmatched uncertainties was limited to parabolic and first-order hyperbolic PDEs. However, problems in oil drilling, combustion dynamics, and other applications give rise to wave PDE models, which are not only unstable, but have all of their infinitely many eigenvalues at uncertain locations in the right half plane (anti-stable). For example, in oil drilling, the friction between the drill bit and the rock is characterized by a highly uncertain friction parameter (depending on the nature of the soil the drill is passing through), is of destabilizing (anti-damping) character, and appears on the opposite end of the PDE's domain relative to the boundary control input. The wave system being of second order in time requires a special adaptive design approach in order to avoid the appearance of the second time derivative of the parameter estimate in the error system. The design is performed using infinite-dimensional backstepping transformations and Lyapunov functionals constructed with such transformations.


Miroslav Krstic holds the Daniel L. Alspach endowed chair and is the founding director of the Cymer Center for Control Systems and Dynamics at UC San Diego. He also serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at UCSD. Krstic is a recipient of the PECASE, NSF Career, and ONR Young Investigator Awards, as well as the Axelby and Schuck Paper Prizes. Krstic was the first recipient of the UCSD Research Award in the area of engineering (immediately following the Nobel laureate in Chemistry Roger Tsien) and has held the Russell Severance Springer Distinguished Visiting Professorship at UC Berkeley and the Harold W. Sorenson Distinguished Professorship at UCSD. He is a Fellow of IEEE and IFAC and serves as Senior Editor in IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control and Automatica. He has served as Vice President of the IEEE Control Systems Society and chair of the IEEE CSS Fellow Committee. Krstic has coauthored nine books on adaptive, nonlinear, and stochastic control, extremum seeking, control of PDE systems including turbulent flows, and control of delay systems.

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